Rape suspect Nayem Ashraf arrested from Munshigong

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Nayem has been arrested in Munshiganj’s Louhajong on Wednesday, told Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Hoque.

A team from Police Headquarters arrested Nayem around 8:45pm.

“He is being brought to Dhaka now,” he added.

Nayem is known as Hasan Mohammad Halim in his locality of Kazipur in Sirajganj. He committed many unfair work by claiming influential people to be his father often, they said.

Nayem is the fifth suspect so far arrested in the case. The others arrested are Safat Ahmed, the son of an owner of Apan Jewellers, Safat’s friend Shadman Sakif, the son of Regman Group co-owner Mohammad Hossain Jony, and  ‘Billal’ who is Safat’s driver and his bodyguard Rahmat Ali.

Nayem has many pictures with celebrities and politicians which are now viral in the social media. The good images of the famous persons with Nayem shown in that pictures came into question.

The youth had introduced himself as Nayem Ashraf in different circles in Dhaka and took photos with politicians, senior police officers, sons of ministers, MPs, athletes, and people from the entertainment world.

He had also worked at a number of television channels in Dhaka.

He started an event management firm ‘E-Makers’ which organized Indian singer Arijit Singh’s concert in Dhaka in 2014 and concert of another Indian singer Neha Kakkar in Dhaka last year.

Safat and Shadman were arrested in Sylhet on May 11, and four days later, Safat’s driver and bodyguard were detained in Dhaka.

Now Nayem is arrested 11 days after the case was started. The alleged rape incident occurred at Banani’s The Raintree hotel on Mar 28.

The plaintiff said Safat and Nayem raped her and her friend at gun point while the three others filmed the incident. She said she could not file the case earlier because the accused threatened the girls with dangers like death.

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